2D Finite Element Method

The next application shows the result of 2D Finite Element Method use to solve the electric potential and capacitance of a coaxial cross section. The outer boundary is driven at 1V, and the inner one to 0V.

Click the run button to start the simulation.

Source code can be downloaded here Download link (License: BSD License 2.0)

Geometry Selection Circular Outer Boundary Square Outer Boundary
Mesh Resolution

The resolution range is between 0.1 and 0.5



- computeTriangles(), computeEdges(), and circumCircle() base on:

P. Bourke, Efficient Triangulation Algorithm Suitable for Terrain Modelling, January 1989 (accessed September 09, 2018), http://paulbourke.net/papers/triangulate/.

- filterOuterTriangles(), applyForces(), recoverOuterPoints() base on:

P. olof Persson and G. Strang “A simple mesh generator in matlab,” SIAM Review, vol. 46, p. 2004, 2004.